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David Krňanský (*1987) lives and works in Prague. He’s a member of the Black Hole Generation, known for adopting the tools of visual culture, ready-mades, and copies to formulate a critical commentary on the state of the world. Although he works with various media, his primary artistic form is abstract painting. David Krňanský’s abstract works are characterized by a joyful and courageous exploration of color, and yet are simultaneously delimited by geometric boundaries. Geometry and the utopian ideas of Modernism are his main sources of inspiration, but only by way of undergoing a mangling process of manipulation. The natural imprecision of the hand when tested by the rigors of outlining geometric forms becomes his signature, an adventure in drawing the line and creating forms that are never ideal nor identical. The refreshing novelty and humorous nuances in his work are combined with a naive bravura and an obstinacy for creating abstractions that hold critical and progressive threads beneath a surface layer of aesthetic pleasure.